Hydra Hookah Bowl

Hydra Hookah Bowl
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Hydra Hookah Bowl

The Hydra Hookah Bowl combines a heavy duty silicone exterior with high quality ceramic inserts, giving smokers the ability to switch from a traditional Egyptian style bowl to a Vortex of Funnel bowl with relative ease. The food grade silicone handles heat well, making this bowl highly portable and protects your hands!

Each Hydra Bowl comes with three medium ceramic inserts - traditional Egyptian, Vortex, and Funnel - with the option to add on large ceramic inserts of each size. PLEASE NOTEthat the medium sized inserts fit inside the Hydra Bowl, but the large sized inserts are designed to sit on top of the bowl when smoked.

When advising customers, or packing the Hydra Bowl yourself, the ceramic insert you chose should depend on the kind of shisha tobacco you use and the kind of smoke session you want. Excessively juicy cuts of shisha tobacco should not be used with the traditional Egyptian style inserts unless you want to deal with the juices leaking all over your hookah. With juicy shisha, use either the Vortex of Funnel inserts - these inserts will retain the juices, which help lengthen the flavor life and durability of each smoke session.

Depending on the shisha tobacco you are smoking, we recommend you pack any of the standard medium ceramic inserts with 18-25 grams of shisha. With the large ceramic inserts we suggest packing in between 20-30 grams of shisha tobacco.
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