Crown Quicklight Coals

Crown Quicklight Coals
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Crown Quick light Coals

The Crown Quicklight hookah coals are an incredible member of the quick light coal industry that provides smokers with an incredible self-stoking ability. Their unique "crown" shape works when the prongs of the coals are placed on the foil, the openings between the prongs creates a sort of air vortex as the smoker takes pulls which helps keep the coal nice and hot. This brand is a partner of CarboPol, one of the most respected brands for quality quick lighting coal in Europe, Asia and North America.

Crown Quicklight Coals are very dense compared with other quick light coals, and you can expect these coals to last up to one hour.

Be the Hookah King with Crown Quick Light Charcoals

Crown Quicklights get hot fast but don't use artificial accelerators, these coals are made of totally organic wood and food-based ingredients. Made in Spain, these coals are as natural as quick lights come!

Each 10 roll/100 piece box of Crown Quicklight Coals has great display potential for customers; when you open the box the lid boldly displays the brand name, with a picture of a Crown coal on it.

If you would like to sample Crown coals, just let us know. We would be happy to add a few free rolls to your next order.
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