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Medwakh Pipes for Dokha Tobacco

These Classic and Premium Medwakh Pipes are the tool used to smoke dokha tobacco - a traditional Arabic style of pipe tobacco that consists of the tips of tobacco leaves which contain high levels of nicotine and deliver a strong head buzz. Medwakh Pipes should always be used with a filter tip to prevent any flakes of tobacco from flying into the user's throat. One filter tip is good for between 10-15 bowls of dokha.

In the pictures above the multi-design Premium Medwakh Pipes are all shown with filter tips attached.The wooden Classic Medwakh Pipe is not. We recommend pricing a package of filter tips into the price of Medwakh Pipes you sell and include a package in every sale of a pipe.

The Classic Medwakh Pipe has a handsome wooden exterior and it measures around 6" long. The Premium Medwakh Pipes come to our warehouse in a random and varying assortment of designs, making it impossible to photograph every single style of Premium Medwakh Pipe that comes to us. The pictures above are a good sample of the sort of designs you will receive; when you order these Premium Medwakh Pipes they will come as a sort of "pot luck" meaning the designs you are sent will be random.

**Pictures show pipes with attached tip filters, these are not included with the pipe and must be purchased separately.**

These Medwakh Pipes work with all sorts of Dokha tobacco, and we offer several great lines such as Medwakh Dokha Pipe TobaccoNirvana Dokha Pipe Tobacco, and Something Girly Dokha Pipe Tobacco.
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