Khalil Mamoon - Dana Ice Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Gold Dana Ice Hookah
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Khalil Mamoon Dana Ice Hookah

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to Khalil Mamoon hookahs! The Dana Ice Hookah looks like a collector's item hookah your super hookah enthusiast friends or colleagues hide away and only bring out for the most special of occasions.

This gorgeous hookah stands 30" talland features incredible hand carved designs set into an extravagant gold finish.

Dana Ice Shaft

The shaft of this masterpiece features extensive hand-etched designs, and undergoes a quality assurance test to make sure it arrives to your lounge or retail store in pristine condition! The large chamber of the Dana Ice's shaft contains a wide-open copper downstem that provides maximum airflow to help you pull monstrous clouds. This downstem will not retain ghosting shisha flavors after a quick rinse, helping this beauty stay out on the floor of a hookah lounge!

At the top of the shaft, just beneath the coal tray, is a handy dandy ice chamber to provide chilled down smoke sessions! Just fill this chamber up with ice cubes and enjoy a nice, cold, smooth hookah experience. This ice chamber is sealed off from the rest of the hookah, so you need not worry about water leaking out!

Dana Ice Specs:

Height: 30"
Shaft: Stainless steel w/ gold finish
Base: KM gold striped
Bowl: Egyptian clay
Hose: KM standard

*Please remember that all Khalil Mamoon hookahs are handmade, not mass produced by machines. This means the details on each Dana Ice hookah will vary from product to product. Each one is unique!
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