Khalil Mamoon - Shabah Silk Ice Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Shabah Silk Ice Hookah
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Khalil Mamoon Shabah Silk Ice Hookah

The ice is nice with this Khalil Mamoon Shabah Silk Ice hookah! The 34 1/2" tallhookah is made of stainless-steel, features a number of gold and copper wash sections along its shaft as well as an ice chamber just below the coal tray! This hookah will come included with a glass base, a 72" hookah hose, and a clay Egyptian style hookah bowl.

Chilling Ice Chamber

Chill down smoke sessions with the ice chamber by filling it up with ice cubes and marveling at the cooling effect this has on the smoke as you take massive pulls. The ice chamber does not need to be used in order for this hookah to function perfectly. It is sealed off from the rest of the hookah, so there's no danger of it leaking and making a mess. The ice chamber is adorned with hand etched designs all around it.

Stainless Steel Quality

The Shabah Silk Ice's shaft also features many hand etched designs on the steely silver, as well as on the copper and gold wash sections. The shaft is made from stainless-steel, which will never rust or corrode. If taken good care of, the Shabah Silk Ice hookah will live a long life of many amazing smoke sessions. The downstem, also made of stainless-steel, will never hold onto powerful shisha flavor profiles. Rinse it out with water and any ghosting shisha flavors will be gone!

Shabah Silk Ice Specs:

Height: 34"
Shaft: Stainless steel with bronze accents and ice bucker.
Bowl: Egyptian clay bowl
Base: KM Silver Striped
Hose: KM Signature hose

It's important to know that each and every Khalil Mamoon hookah is handmade, not mass produced by machines. This means there will be slight variations in details, etching, welding spots, the finish, etc. Each Shabah Silk Ice hookah is unique! These variations do not change the fact that you can always expect solid smoke sessions from Khalil Mamoon hookahs!
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