Khalil Mamoon - World Cup Hookah

Khalil Mamoon World Cup 1-Hose Hookah
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Khalil Mamoon World Cup Hookah

Bring home the trophy, win honor for your family, and bring glory to your name! Ok, well not all that. But the Khalil Mamoon World Cup hookah is a fantastic "trophy" shaped Egyptian style hookah pipe measuring 36 inches tall, and featuring an awesome ice chamber that is built by hand and manufactured to be a long lasting produce! This stainless-steel hookah will come included with a glass base, a 72" long Khalil Mamoon signature hookah hose, and a clay Egyptian hookah bowl.

The ice chamber on the World Cup hookah gives smokers the ability to chill their smoke sessions by filling the chamber with ice cubes. The ice cools the hookah smoke as it flows from the bowl, through the downstem, and into the base. This gives the smoke an enjoyable chilling effect and creates an overall excellent hookah experience.

Made by hand, the stainless-steel shaft of this hookah features many hand-etched designs on the ice chamber, the stem, and around the hub. Khalil Mamoon makes their hookahs tough, durable and built to last. The stainless-steel composition of the shaft means this hookah will never rust or corrode, and as long as it's treated with care it will last many years! The downstem, also stainless-steel, is a medium gauge which is used to provide smokers with a classic Egyptian style hookah experience. You'll never have to worry about ghosting shisha flavors with this hookah, as all you need to do is rinse the downstem quickly and the World Cup hookah will be good to go!

An important thing to remember with Khalil Mamoon hookahs is that every single one is made by hand, not machine made and mass produced. This means there will be differences in etchings, welding spots, the finish, etc. These variations will not alter the excellent quality smoke sessions we've come to expect from Khalil Mamoon hookahs.
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