Turbo Medwakh Filter Tip (6 Pack)
Turbo Medwakh Filter Tip (6 Pack)

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Turbo Tips for Medwakh Dokha Pipes

Medwakh pipes are the slim, Middle Eastern pipes designed to smoke the high nicotine pipe tobacco known as Dokha. Each medwakh needs a filter tip to prevent any loose leaf or ash material coming through the pipe as well as filtering out excess tar and other contaminates from the smoke.

We recommend pricing your medwakhs to include a pack of Turbo Filter Tips since they are an essential part of a properly functioning Dokha pipe.  These filters accumulate debris quickly and should be changed weekly or even more frequently depending on your customers usage.

When the tips turn brown, a change should go down.  Stock a few dozen Turbo Tip 6 packs so you can keep your repeat customers smokin' Doke!

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