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CocoUrth Coconut Hookah Coals

CocoUrth Coals have joined a competitive class of coconut coals, but instead of being an "also ran" brand, Coco Urth surprised us with its amazing quality and longevity. It is very had to differentiate natural coconut coals in this space, but CocoUrth does a great job by using distinct, attractive packaging, creating a variety of box sizes and coal briquette sizes, and all hyperbole aside, these coals last longer than ANYTHING we have smoke so far. 
If you are looking for a high quality hookah charcoal that will pop on your retail shelves and add attract the high end hookah consumers, we believe this is a great brand to offer. It's not available at every other shop in town, so you don't get dragged down into the price wars. The reviews have been phenomenal, and even the hookah snobs...I mean pro's are on board with this brand natural coconut charcoal.

CocoUrth Flat Hookah Charcoals

What is the difference between flats and cubes? That is a common question, but aside from the obvious difference in shape, these coals do have some differences in application. CocoUrth Flats have a higher surface area to volume ratio, which means the coals will not last as long as the cubes. These coals will give you a 45 minute to 1 hour session and work great with a heat management system like a Kaloud Lotus. However, their smaller size gives the user more versatility for the smokers who enjoy fine tuning their hookah to get maximum clouds and flavor without burning their shisha during the session.  They are aslo better for the smokers who enjoy a quick 45 minute hookah and don't want to spend the afternoon choking the last bit of smoke and flavor from the same bowl!  Flat Coco Urth hookah coals come 96 per box/kilo and 10 boxes per case.  Coco Urth Flats are also available for hookah lounges in a 10 Kilogram box with 960 briquettes inside.

Coco Urth Charcoal Cubes, Big Cubes and Mini Cubes

Cubes will last a lot longer, so they are perfect for the hookah smoker that likes to enjoy a long smoke of their favorite flavor without a lot coal maintenance. Seriously, we smoked a bowl using 3 cubes for 2 hours without adding any extra coals.  That is very impressive! Each cube briquette measures 25x25x25mm and has nearly perfect edges due to their "Golden Cut" method at the factory.  The coal is dense will hold up when dropped to remove the ash. The standard CocoUrth cubes will also fit into most HMD's these days, as more current models have been made larger to accommodate cube coals. Coco Urth Cube coals come 72 per box/kilo and 10 boxes per case.  Coco Urth Cube coals are also available for hookah lounges in a 10 Kilogram box with 720 charcoals inside.

However, if you just want massive blocks of heat, Coco Urth also makes a "Big Cube".  Big Cubes are 26x26x26 millimeters and last well over an hour.  That minor difference in size, makes a big difference in the volume to surface area ratio which makes these coals the ultra marathon runners of long lasting sessions.  Big bowls, fruit heads, and smokers who enjoy a higher smoke temp with longlasting sessions will love this size option.  Big Cubes come 64 per box/kilo and 10 boxes to a case.

Mini Cubes are here to check all the boxes left by the standard and larch cube Coco Urth coals. What are "Mini Cubes?"  CocoUrth Mini Cubes are 22x22x22mm in size. This will match the versatility of the smaller size you get with flats and shorter burn times, with the longevity and efficiency of the cube shape.  Mini Cubes are often used with HMD's as well as for hookahs with smaller bowls.  It's hard to properly manage heat on small bowls with large chunks of coals, so the Minicubes will work nicely.  If you a running hookahs in a club with smaller table top hookahs, these might be the best option for you.  Mini Cubes come 100 per box/kilo and 10 boxes to case. Since they are slightly smaller than the other cubes you get 28 more pieces per box than the standard cubes.

Coco Urth Hex Coals

Next, Coco Urth Hex coals arrived.  These are hexagonal "fingers" of hookah charcoals, made with the same quality and attention do detail as the original Coco Urth.  You can get hex coals in 30, 60 and 120 piece boxes. When you buy them buy the case you can save even more money for your hookah business.  Fingers of coals were very popular back in the early days of hookah smoking, when natural wood coals were the best options.  The longer "fingers" work well around the edge of the bowl and as they bowl warms and they burn down, the placement tends to shift toward the center. In the before times, the finger shaped coals were round and there was a real problem with coals rolling off the hookah bowl.  Hex coals will give you a flatter surface on teh sides to keep your coals more secure and less likely to end up on the floor.

CocoUrth Quarter Circle Charcoals

Just when you thought..."Surely, there are no more sizes...right?"...Coco Urth produces an option specifically for HMD use.  The cubes and flats will work and you can adjust your system to fit them in your HMD (Heat Management Device) of choice, but since they mostly have similar interior dimensions and shapes, Coco Urth created a coal perfectly designed for the job.  These coals are produced in circular discs then sliced into 4 pieces, like a pizza!  This give them the perfect shape for use inside the Kaloud Lotus, Provost, Mig or Narhead HMD.  You can start with 3 or 4 and dial back the heat as you HMD comes up to temp.  Quarter Circle coals come 96 pieces per box/kilo and 10 boxes per case.

Retail hookah customers will experiment with the various sizes to find a coal heat and longevity that works perfectly for their tastes.
Due to the longevity of this brand, hookah lounge operators may also want to test these coals to find the right size for the session length they want to offer without a refill.

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