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CocoUrth Coconut Hookah Coals

CocoUrth Coals have joined a competitive class of coconut coals, but instead of being an "also ran" brand, CocoUrth surprised us with its amazing quality and longevity. It is very had to differentiate natural coconut coals in this space, but CocoUrth does a great job by using distinct, attractive packaging, creating a variety of box sizes and coal briquette sizes, and all hyperbole aside, these coals last longer than ANYTHING we have smoke so far.

CocoUrth Coals, Flats vs. Cubes

What is the difference between flats and cubes? That is a common question, but aside from the obvious difference in shape, these coals do have some differences in application. CocoUrth Flats have a higher surface area to volume ratio, which means the coals will not last as long as the cubes. These coals will give you a 45 minute to 1 hour session and work great with a heat management system like a Kaloud Lotus. Cubes will last a lot longer, so they are perfect for the hookah smoker that likes to enjoy a long smoke of their favorite flavor without a lot coal maintenance. Seriously, we smoked a bowl using 3 cubes for 2 hours without adding any extra coals.  That is very impressive!

Retail hookah customers will experiment with both sizes to find a coal heat and longevity that works perfectly for their tastes.  
Lounge owners may want to try the flat coals, or your customers might just settle in for few hours without needed a refill!
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