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Alchemist Shisha Tobacco

This shisha is aged in bourbon barrels, unique in the hookah industry. This aging technique adds a unique flavor profile to the shisha that separates this brand from the others....No, no the shisha doesn't take like Jim or Jack, but it does carry with it a depth of flavor that any hookah smoker can appreciate.

The striking packaging also reinforces their marketing and branding with a highly stylized and distinct product for your shisha shelves. The sizing is also a market first, with 350g tubs that offer a better gram for gram value, while still offering a reasonable quantity for the retail customer. Lounges also like the value of the 350g to serve from, until the demand requires you buy in kilos!

There are 4 distinct lines, the Original (Modern American style shisha), Stout (heavier buzz and flavor), Straight (simple single flavors) and the latest, Kentucky Fire Cured (KFC). So what is the difference? Lets take a closer look.

Original Alchemist Shisha Tobacco

The original line is what started it all. This is the smooth, easy to smoke shisha with great flavor blends. This line features unique flavor combinations and mixes with more exotic names that can synergize with the bourbon barrel-aged tobacco. These flavors are smooth, lighter in nicotinge and pump out the clouds!

Stout Alchemist Shisha Tobacco

Maybe you need a little more kick in your shisha? Alchemist Stout Tobacco brings a robust collection of flavors to the party. Stout, as the name implies, has a heavier buzz and even stronger flavors. I personally love the Stout Stone Mint, but the whole collection has amazing flavor options in both single flavor and blends.

Straight Alchemist Shisha Tobacco

The Straight line came out of a demand for single flavor shisha flavors. This collection of flavors includes flavors such as Blueberry, Guava, Mango, Peach, Watermelon..etc. When you want the unique profile of Alchemist, but prefer to stick with the basics, this is the perfect landing spot for fans of Alchemist tobacco.

Kentucky Fire Cured (KFC) Alchemist Shisha Tobacco

The Smokey Colonel has released there newest line of flavors that use a potent tobacco that is cured using direct heat. Typically tobacco is cured with hot air funneled through the tobacco barn to process the leaves. Using the KFC process, a fire is lit withing the tobacco barn, which cures the leaves using direct radiant heat instead of convective heat. This makes the tobacco flavor more robust. KFC tobacco is widely used and very popular in the cigar industry and Alchemist is the first to use this type of tobacco in the world of shisha.

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