XXtra Shisha 100g Pouches

XXtra 100g Pouches

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XXtra Shisha Tobacco 100g Pouches

Do you want flavors that are XX as extreme but only half the price?  XXtra Shisha is bringing a lot of flavor and thick clouds without a huge price tag. These flavors come in 100g resealable pouches and work well for retail locations whose customers are just looking for something good, cheap and fast!

This Is Our Cheapest Shisha Ever

We hear it every day.  "Our customers don't have much money and need cheaper prices."  If that is true, or you feel like your customers are looking for something less expensive to keep their hookah smoking...This is it!  XXtra offers a handful of the basic, most common flavors at the absolute lowest prices we have ever offered on hookah tobacco.

When it comes to getting a good flavor loaded at the lowest price, XXtra shisha is here to fill that niche.

Each 100g pouch comes in a resealable zip seal pouch to keep the flavors fresh.  Retailers like the hanger friendly packaging for easy display, and you can carry the whole line in your store for pennies on the dollar.

Is this the longest lasting, highest quality tobacco leaf available....NO.  That's not what you asked for.  If that is what you want, go back to the Starbuzz, Fumari, Social Smoke, Ugly or Trifecta categories and pay 2-3 times the price.
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