Pyrex Vortex Hookah Bowl

Pyrex Vortex Hookah Bowl
Blue Pyrex Vortex Hookah BowlPyrex Vortex Hookah Bowl - CloseupPyrex Vortex Hookah Bowl - Side
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The Pyrex Vortex Hookah Bowl

The Pyrex Vortex hookah bowl brings another level of sophistication to any hookah set up. Pyrex, or boro-silicate glass is used around the world for cooking...and glass pipes...due to its tolerance to high heat and temperature changes. This glass is extremely durable, compared to standard glass bases or other glass bowls. This is a great upsell or upgrade to any traditional or glass hookah, because the bowl does not trap any residue or flavors, ensuring you get a pure flavor every time.

What Makes a Bowl a Vortex Bowl?

Vortex Bowls use a proprietary design and technology that uses a raised center spire in the bowl. The spire has the holes that are generally located on the bottom of most bowls. What's the difference? The elevated holes, trap the flavored shisha juices inside the bowl and keep them from running down your hookah stem and into the base water.

Why does that matter? The juices hold all the rich flavor, so instead of your shisha drying out during the session, the tobacco leaves are steeping in the shisha juice, adding much more flavor, bigger clouds and longer sessions.

Packing the Vortex Bowl

The Vortex Hookah Bowl is stout and wide, able to hold up to 25g of shisha tobacco depending on the brand and cut of the shisha and how it's packed. After the shisha is packed, use a tooth-pick or poker to clear shisha away from the air holes to ensure the best air flow possible. The Vortex Bowl works perfectly with regular tin foil, however it does not seal perfectly with the Kaloud Lotus. It works, but can be precarious, be careful.

**Please note that the bottom hole of the Vortex Bowl is rather large, and depending on the hookah you use you may need to put an extra grommet on to make sure the Vortex Bowl fits properly.
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