Coco Brico Natural Hookah Coals

25% OFF Coco Brico Coals

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25% OFF Coco Brico Case Pricing
All prices reflect a 25% Discount on Cases of Coco Brico.

Europe's #1 Selling Hookah Coal

Coco Brico hookah charcoals are designed for customers who want a clean, pure heat without paying astronomical prices for coconut based coals. After years of requests and international negotiations, we finally have the rights to import Coco Brico. Hookah lounges and retailers will be impressed by their quality and the demand these coals have among experienced hookah fanatics.

Coco Brico Flat & Cube Coals

Coco Brico coals will burn for about 45 minutes to 1 hour and are available as either a rectangular (flat) shape or a traditional cube shape. Cubes are larger and last longer than the flats, which some customer really appreciate. Who wants to get up and light a second round of coals half-way through a session?

All Coco Brico sizes (except 10kg) are available as master cases or you can buy individual boxes. The 10kg box contains 10 plastic wrapped kilos without the individual cardboard boxes.

At these prices you pay:

$0.03 per briquette with 10 KG Lounge Packs of flats!

$0.05 per briquette with 10 KG Lounge Packs of cubes!

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