Chubby Hookah by Anahi

Chubby Hookah by Anahi

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The Chubby Glass Hookah from Anahi

The Anahi Chubby comes with a stout, spade shaped body, that while very modern, has a hint of traditional Arabic aesthetic.  At 17 inches tall, the oversized smoke chamber really boosts cloud output. 

This hookah features unique design elements, including a functional glass ashtray that uses glass on glass connections so there is no need for any rubber grommets or seals.  This hookah is 100% glass!  The interior down stem is wide open an includes a built in diffuser to get extra smooth smoke from this unique double teardrop bubbly design, lovingly called the "Chubby". The glass hose handle has an rippled grip that feels very comfortable and natural in your hand and the surgical grade silicone hose has a wide open air-flow.

WARNING: Do not leave red hot coals on the ash tray!  The direct concentrated heat can cause the glass to expand unevenly and crack your beautiful new hookah! Use a coal carrier to store extra coals during your session.

The Anahi Chubby Glass Hookah Includes:
  • 17" Laboratory-grade glass body
  • Glass bowl
  • Glass purge valve with glass bb seal
  • 60 inch washable hookah hose
  • 11 inch glass hose handle
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