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Ugly Tobacco

The hookah market has matured and the biggest buyers are looking for a more sophisticated flavor profile. Just as the beer industry began to flourish with the rise of unique micro-breweries, the shisha tobacco industry is seeing top quality boutique brands rise in popularity. Ugly Tobacco uses a blonde leaf blend to create their shisha, which gives their flavors a sweeter profile but also produce a buzz heavy, high-nicotine smoke.

Hookah lounges can also benefit from the demand for more unique offerings. With just about every lounge carrying the same 2-3 brands with the same flavors, we are seeing the biggest growth from hookah lounges that can offer something unique in their area and the extra buzz can demand premium pricing.

Ugly Hookah Tobacco Flavors

Ugly tobacco uses a blonde leaf to get brighter, sweet flavors that are unique in the hookah-verse. Here is a quick list of the flavors and descriptions that make our mouths water and will get your customers excited about new flavors again.

  • Apple Apple - This a sweeter, "apply-er" take on traditional double apple
  • Blue Magic - A mystical mix of blueberry candy and a cool tingly finish
  • Chitown Breeze - Smooth blend of chocolate and mint
  • Citrus Breeze - Mint and citrus combined for a sweet, sparkly flavor
  • Desert Storm - A unique flavor of lime an cactus fruit
  • Grape Mint - White grape with a cool blast of mint
  • Grapefruit Mint - A minty twist on on the tart and sweet grapefruit
  • Happy Hour - Banana flavored cocktail
  • Hit Me - A pineapple centric blend with dashes of mint and fruits
  • Hurricane - Mango lemonade
  • Island Mama - Tastes like a peach mango mix to us
  • Lemon Mint - Full lemon flavor with a dash of mint for a smooth finish
  • Marcoje - A fruit-splosion of guava with fruity berries
  • Ma Wardi - A peachy fruit punch that never disappoints
  • Mint - This minty blend combines sweetness and peppermint
  • Orange Keef - Super orange-y citrus that dazzles the tonge with a splash of mint
  • Pomegranate - Perfect amount of sweet and tart
  • Purple Breeze - Combination of grape and mint flavors
  • Rollercoaster - Bright orange and citrus with a tantalizing hint of sweet spice
  • Secret Agent - A secret tropical fruit element has infiltrated this citrus mint mix
  • Sgt. Huckleberry - Blue raspberry with smooth taffy notes and a sour bite
  • Tri Force - Blueberry, grapefruit and mint
  • Watermelon Mint - Sweet refreshing watermelon with a cooling mint zinger
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