Alien Phunnel Hookah Bowl

Alien Phunnel Hookah Bowl
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The Alien Phunnel Bowl

These are 100% Authentic HJ Alien Phunnel Bowls, designed for the advanced hookah collector who appreciates the quality and craftsmanship of hand-made American products. This bowl is wide and shallow phunnel style bowl designed for a solo smoker who wants to conserve tobacco, while still getting maximum flavor and cloud output. The Alien Phunnel bowl uses a circular groove and raised central spire to trap the shisha juices within the tobacco leaves. This keeps your so fresh and so clean, while your flavors are even bolder and longer lasting.

Fit with Kaloud Lotus or Foils

The Alien Phunnel bowl is compatible with theKaloud Lotus heat management system if you are looking for a shorter intense session with more nicotine. This bowl is not as wide, so a little overhang around the edges is normal. Other smokers prefer to use foils and take a more hands on approach to heat management for a longer session at a lower nicotine level. Most of the users of this bowl will use a dense pack of tobacco, only 10-20grams to get fully loaded. It's perfect for the personal session without the extra waste.

Flashback Alien Mini Phunnel Bowls

No, its not the summer of love and Timothy Leary isn't lurking in our hallways. This Flashback edition of the Alien Phunnel bowl brings back some of the original sizes, spec, and color combos from the original debut in 2010. This bowl was designed as a conservation bowl for shorter, personal sessions.

The Flashback Alien "Mini" Phunnel bowl holds about 10-18 grams of shisha depending on your loading method. There's not much room because these bowls have an oversized center spire to maximize air-flow and the total diameter is about 0.25 inches narrower than the current Alien Phunnel bowls.

**The Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl measures approximately 4" tall, 2.5" wide , and is made by artisans with clay right here in the United States.

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