Kaloud Aura Hookah Charcoals

Kaloud Aura Hookah Coals
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Kaloud Aura Coals Designed for Kaloud Lotus

Are these coals more expensive than the brands you sell now? Yes. Does that have anything to do with how well they sell? No. Are these coals natural coconut coals? Yes.

So what's so amazing about Kaloud Coals that my Charco Flare, Coco Bricos or Titanium coals can't do? That is a great question and the answer lies in the target market for Kaloud Aura coals. Kaloud has positioned their brand as a premium, aspirational brand of hookah products that not everyone wants to pay for. In our opinion, that is fine. There are plenty of other products out there for consumers who want to buy based on price alone. Kaloud doesn't just sell metal heat management devices and coals among other things. The Kaloud brand is an experience that exudes quality and luxury.

Kaloud Aura Coal Design and Experience

Kaloud Aura coals are unique charcoals that come in a half circle shape. These pieces are specifically designed to fit with the Kaloud Lotus (the preeminent heat management device). The shape is a relatively large half circle. 2 pieces will completely fill the Kaloud Lotus. These coals can be cracked in half, if you are the kind of person who just has to customize everything! Some people like to use just 1 piece, others fill the Lotus with 2 and others crack the pieces and use 2 -4 smaller pieces. There is no right or wrong, just good hookah smoking!

Beyond their unusual shape, these coals include an experience for the customer. Instead of using the cheapest cardboard with simple graphics, Kaloud has intentionally invested big money into a matte finish, premium card stock with gold leaf embossed logos and text. These coals are for Amex Black card holders (kind of joking) who want the best, most expensive, most exclusive premium products that not every John Doe has in their arsenal.

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