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Stem Ring Tongs
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Stem Ring Tongs with Multiple Uses

Tongs don't get the fame and attention that most hookahs and accessories can demand, however things are about to change. Stem Ring tongs have a unique design that serves multiple purposes. These tongs are heavy duty and extra large, making them ideal for any commercial hookah enterprise.

First - These tongs are yuuuuuge. We like the extra length and heavy duty feel of these tongs in our hand. The tip has a tapered point, which allows for precise coal handling and easy rotations.

Second - Let me ask if you have ever grabbed a red hot bowl from the stem and burned your fingers? Everyone in this business has! Now you can use that circular cut out in the tongs to grip the base of your hookah bowl. Lift of the bowl with the tongs to blow through the bottom to cool the bowl, or just replace it with a new bowl loaded with fresh flavor.

Third - Stem ring tongs have a notched semi-circle in the design to all you to rest the tongs conveniently in the tray, with the stem comfortably resting within the circular slot. Tongs are ready for action and always right where you left them!

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