Zomo 500g Cartons

Zomo 500g Cartons

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Zomo Shisha's Exotic Flavors

Zomo shisha comes straight from our hookah fanatic friends in Paraguay! This hookah tobacco is centered around exotic, tropical blends that have become the biggest hookah craze south of the border. Their classic blonde leaf flavors are inspired by experiences with the natural wonders of the planet. Each flavor represents the aromas, culture and flavors of some of the world's most pristine landscapes.

Available Flavors:
  • Dry Sahara
  • Blue Caribbean
  • Tropical Amazon
  • Swiss Alps
  • Secret of Babylon
  • Wild Africa
  • Fresh Provence

Zomo Strong Dark Shisha

As Paraguay's new favorite export, Zomo has a collection of flavors with an extra level of nicotine kick that sets this group of flavors apart from their standard line. These intense flavors are based on the basics. Mint, Lemon, Mango, Passion, Pine (Pineapple), and Blue.

Your customers who want a more potent shisha will find what they have been looking for. Zomo has a bold flavor profile that includes some natural tobacco notes that synergize with their exotic flavor blends to enhance the flavor, not interfere with it.

Available Flavors:
  • Strong Mint
  • Strong Lemon
  • Strong Orange
  • Strong Pine (Pineapple)
  • Strong Passion
  • Strong Mango
  • Strong Blue

Black Edition Goes 1 Step Further

Zomo Strong packs a punch and features delicious fruit flavors. Black Edition is for those looking for an even bolder tobacco flavor profile and it kicks like a mule! Zomo Black Edition is barrel-aged for 6 months to develop a richer, earthy tobacco flavor backdrop around a bold mint blend. If you have any "tough guy" hookah types in your store, dare them to step up to Zomo Black Edition....if they have courage.

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