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Zomo Shisha's Exotic Flavors

Zomo shisha comes straight from our hookah fanatic friends in Paraguay! This hookah tobacco is centered around exotic, tropical blends that have become the biggest hookah craze south of the border. Their classic blonde leaf flavors are inspired by experiences with the natural wonders of the planet. Each flavor represents the aromas, culture and flavors of some of the world's most pristine landscapes. Some flavors are even made from a stronger dark leaf tobacco and will be notated below.

Available Flavors:

Dragon Wall - Exotic Asian pear
Havana Style - Cuban mojito
Kiwi Lemon
Miami Nights - Orange and mango
Mystery of Bali - Mild banana mixed with luscious passionfruit
Secret of Babylon - Fresh watermelon with sweet melon
Strong Mint (dark leaf) - Intensely strong mint flavor.
Swiss Alps - Cool fresh mint
Watermelon Mint

Why carry Zomo?

Hookah smokers are always on a quest to carry the latest and greatest shisha brands, sometimes even more so if it's something that is lesser known and more sought after. This is the case with Zomo which has become huge in South America. The packaging stands out and it comes in an easy to display carton, there is not reason you should NOT be carrying this curious shisha tobacco in your shelves. Your customers will see it, ask about it, and try it. And then they'll tell their friends.

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