Pure FML Hookah Tobacco - FML Red, Green & Blue

Pure FML Hookah Tobacco
FML Green Pure Shisha Tobacco 250gFML Red Pure Shisha Tobacco 250gFML Blue Pure Shisha Tobacco 250g
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Pure Tobacco Presents FML Extreme Mint

FML is the flavor that put Pure Tobacco on the map. The brand had been around, but with the creation of the first edition of FML, the brand became a mainstay of the hardcore hookah enthusiast crowd. Then as the popularity grew, FML was reformulated to feature different mint varieties. This mint is so extreme that you must proceed with caution.

Each color variety brings a different branch of the mint family to the forefront of your intensely cold, shisha experience. How cold can it go? We find that these different blends have more unique flavor with lower heat, and oddly enough, the more heat you apply the colder the smoke will feel as you evaporate out more menthol with each puff.

FML Green Pure Tobacco Shisha

This is the original FML shisha tobacco. When Pure released this flavor years ago, it revolutionized the icy cold mint scene. FML Green takes the already delicious Fresh Mint from the Pure Line and adds a intense dose of ice cold mentholy-mint. This is a great shisha to smoke straight up, but is also a fantastic mixer with just about any flavor if you are looking for a taste of mint with cold exhale.

Pure Tobacco FML Blue

Do you love wintergreen? FML Blue from Pure Tobacco is a blast of wintergreen flavor with a heavy dose of cold menthol to give it that signature ice cold sensation that FML is known for. It's smooth and easy to smoke and chill!

Pure FML Red Hookah Tobacco

The ice cold mint arena has become crowded with taste-alikes and race to the bottom of the coldest of the cold. FML Red added an power packed punch of peppermint! This blend has the cold menthol chill you love from FML with the sweet bite of peppermint. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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