Art Hookah Temple 45 v. 4.0

Art temple 45 v. 4.0 glass hookah
Art Hookah with Fruit in the BaseArt Hookah Base and DownstemArt Hookah Temple HubArt Hookah Temple 45 V4 - TrayArt Hookah Temple 45 HoseArt Hookah Temple 45 Purge ValveArt Temple Hookah LED lights
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The Temple 45 v. 4.0 from Art Hookah

This is the glass hookah that started the revolution over 4 years ago. Since then, there have been many imitations and various other glass hookah attempts, but none have ever recreated the true experience of smoking from the Art Hookah Temple 45. The glass on glass connections, Unrestricted air-flow, the LED lights, the wide footprint for extra stability and the ultra premium quality of the materials and precision construction leave this hookah unmatched. But other than that, what makes this hookah so great?

Art Hookah is All About That Base

Take a look at that huge glass base.  It's wide surface will prevent this hookah from tipping over, breaking and ruining your week.  That base holds tons of smoke for monster clouds of flavor. Lounges using glass hookahs also like wide opening that makes it easy to add fruit, diffuser beads or any other base additive to improve the smoke or enhance the aesthetics. (see the pics above) The glass on glass connections on the base create an airtight seal with the shaft as well as the tray and bowl connector. 

The base also has a built in niche for a multi-colored, LED light that has multiple settings. The light fits snugly underneath the hookah and will light up the base in any color and setting, from a strobe effect to gentle fades. This extra ambient lighting makes a huge impact in dimly lit lounges that make this mood lighting even more pronounced. It even includes a remote control so you or your customers can customize the effect!

Other Art Hookah Temple Features

The glass Art Hookah includes a vinyl hose that is 100% washable and minimizes any ghosting effect of old flavors lingering in the hose. The hose handle is sleek, modern and rest comfortably in your hand. 

The purge valve was once a glass connection with a narrow port, but after multiple revisions of this amazing hookah, the purge valve is now uses a more modern design that works better and last longer than ever before.

The downstem inside the Art hookah includes a built-in diffuser. The bottom inch or so is perferated with tiny holes to break the large smoke bubbles into smaller fizzy bubbles that cool faster and get more water filtration.  This produces smoother smoke that allows your customers to get the biggest clouds ever!

NOTICE: This hookah does not include a hookah bowl. You will need to purchase a compatible bowl to display this hookah in your store "ready to smoke." The bowls we recommend are Pyrex Vortex bowls or the Kaloud Samsaris bowl, but virtually any bowl will work.  We highly recommend something with a phunnel or vortex spire to prevent juices and shisha flakes falling in the water and tainting this pristine beauty.

The Art Hookah Temple 45 Includes:
  • Laboratory-grade glass body, Stem and Tray
  • Washable hookah hose
  • Gen. 2 purge valve 
  • Battery powered LED lights and remote
  • Sturdy, padded box
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