Mya Saray Blaze Hookah

Mya Blaze Hookah
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Mya Saray Blaze Hookah

The Blaze hookah comes in a hand full of colors, and a hand full of amazing upgrades! The Mya Blaze includes a 100% washable silicone hose with a long glass handle. The stem is stainless steel with a matte finish and connects to the base with a threaded connection that eliminates the hassles associated with rubber grommets.

Revolutionary Purge Valve

Mya has developed a brand new kind of purge valve that is now attached with the downstem via a small check valve. This will help prevent water from pushing up the stem and into your bowl when blowing into the hose to clear the chamber. If the bowl does ever get too hot you can clear the harsh smoke faster by blowing the air out of the stem. This effectively cools your bowl and clears your chamber.

Mya Blaze Specs:

Height: 21"
Hose: Mya silicone
Bowl: Mya beveled ceramic bowl
Base: Mya glass color options .
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