Starbuzz Serpent Shisha 100g Pouches

Starbuzz Serpent Shisha 100g Pouches
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Starbuzz Serpent 100g Shisha

Starbuzz is back with their 4th line of shisha tobacco! First they brought you their classic line of shisha that includes the legendary "Blue Mist" flavor, then they got Bold, after that they went Vintage, and now they're slithering into your lounges and retail shops with the new Serpent line. Serpent comes in eloquent pouches, a first for a Starbuzz line and 6 pouches come in a carton making it easy to display in your store.

What is Serpent hookah tobacco?

Serpent is a new dark leaf, kettle-cured tobacco made by Starbuzz. The dark leaf + the curing process make for an even stronger flavor and heavier buzz. We've just received these and have not had a chance to smoke them a lot yet but our preliminary findings on the flavors are below.

Starbuzz Serpent Flavor Descriptions

Crimson Fox - Peach with a smooth berry after taste.

After Burner - Think of a coconut and banana smoothie with a hint of mint.

Cobra Khan - Coming in strong with Blueberry and then hints of grape and mint.

Bohemian - A simple but rich mint gum flavor.

Crow - Bold lemon mint flavor.

Gee Spot - You finally found it! Mildly spiced cinnamon and creamy vanilla.

Kings Tea - A soothing Earl Grey and peach mix.

Lioness - This strawberry cream mix is the closest I've come to my favorite milkshake.

Mad Dog
- Succulent grapefruit with a dark citrus mint to finish.

Megawatt - Like finding a lemonade stand on a hot summer day.

Rogue - Honey Dew Melon turned up to 10.

New Amsterdam - A delicious orange cream blend.

Shishi - A banana and blueberry mix wrapped in subtle floral notes.

Sin City - One of the best bananas you've had in years.

Skull - A sweet dark licorice reminiscent of the classic double apple flavor.

Sting Mint - Starbuzz has a worthy competitor in the "strongest mint" wars.

Teabet - Would you like some crumpets with this soothing English breakfast tea shisha?

Kathmandu - This is like the kitchen sink of berry flavors. Seriously, how many berries are in this?

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