Pharaohs V12 Glass Hookah

Glass Pharaohs V12 Hookah
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Pharaoh's V12 Glass Hookah 

The glass hookahs made by Pharaohs are sure to impress anyone who walks into your shop and sees them on your shelf. The V12 is an all glass hookah with all glass connections with the exception of the hose mouth tip which is metal. The glass connections insure airtight seals at every point. The down-stem is built into the base and features a built on diffuser to provide massive clouds and an easy draw.  The V12 also comes with a foam-lined carrying case with cut-outs to insure a snug fit and safe transport.

The V12 is probably best suited for a retail environment but could equal extra profit when offered as a premium upgrade in your lounge.

Pharaoh's V12 Specs:

Height: 17.5 inches
Hose: Silicone Hose with glass handle and metal tip
Bowl: All-glass, Vortex style bowl
Base: All glass featuring a built in down-stem and diffuser
Tray: All glass tray
Purge Valve: All glass with glass ball bearing. 

**Also Includes a foam-lined carrying case and tongs.**

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