Pharaohs Drakon Glass Hookah

Pharaohs Drakon Hookah

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Pharaoh's Drakon Glass Hookah

This hookah is worthy of an entire story but I will spare you the history and get this out of the way... It has a DRAGON inside of the chamber! Not only is there a dragon inside of this baby but the ribs of the dragon act as a diffuser at varying water levels. This hookah is diffused by a dragon. Now that that is out of the way, the Drakon features all glass on glass connections and the glass hose handle even replicates reptilian skin. As with many of the other Pharaohs glass hookahs, a case that is lined with foam that has been cut to fit specifically this hookah will be included so that you can always get your dragon safely to it's battle. I mean, party.

The Drakon needs to be perched atop the brightest and most visible shelf in your store as it is sure to make your customer's jaws drop. This thing you have to see to believe.

Pharaoh's Drakon Specs:

Height: 11.5 inches
Hose: Silicone Hose with glass handle and glass tip
Bowl: All-glass, phunnel style bowl
Base: All glass featuring a built in down-stem and diffuser
Tray: All glass tray
Purge Valve: All glass with glass ball bearing.

**Also Includes a foam lined carrying case and tongs.**

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