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Fumari Fuoco Coconut Charcoal

Fumari has been churning out incredible shisha tobacco since they started in 1997 and now they've entered the charcoal world with Fuoco: Pure Coconut Charcoal made into consistent cubes. Coal measurements are 22mm x 22mm x 22mm, just about the height and width of a quarter. Expect solid heat without having to worry about burning your shisha. 

Additionally, due to their size, these coals work great in heat management devices as well, such as the Kaloud Lotus or the AOT Provost. We like to load up 3 coals at a time in the Lotus and adjust the vents as the session goes on. If you aren't using a Heat Management Device with your session, or just prefer to use a traditional foil set up, I would plan on 4-6 coals in your session.  Maybe start with 3 or 4 on the burner and 20 minutes in, get a couple more started.

Fuoco Hookah Charcoal Sizes and Quantity

The 112pc cubes of Fuoco come in case with 10 boxes and the 60pc cubes come in a case quantity of 20.   You can expect to use 4-5 coals per session which will give your customers about 12-15 sessions from the 60 count boxes and about 20 session from the 112 packs.

If you enjoy the rich flavors of Fumari's "Strikingly Fresh" shisha tobacco, Fuoco coals are the perfect compliment. And no matter which tobacco is in your hookah, Fuoco hookah charcoals are always a great choice for clean heat and a quality hookah session. For more information about Fuoco, check out our video review as we discuss what we love about Fumari's Fuoco natural hookah charcoal.

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