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Nirvana Super Shisha 1000g Kilos
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Nirvana Super Shisha Tobacco in Kilos

Nirvana uses Golden Virginia tobacco leaves as the base for all of their flavors, allowing for a sweeter taste with great flavor longevity. This premium quality tobacco leaf can withstand a great deal of heat, something our current customers love based on the massive smoke cloud output. Each blend is packed with a rewarding amount of flavors, and most of their flavor cannot be found within another shisha brand.

The Nirvana flavor collection earns the name "Super Shisha" because of the buzz factor from their dokha blend. This traditional, high-nicotine Middle Eastern pipe tobacco has been enjoyed for over 500 years, and Nirvana is the only company to master it on a shisha level. The dokha blend comes from the tip of the tobacco leaf containing the most nicotine, and can most commonly be found inside Medwakh pipe. The dokha blend used within Nirvana is unflavored and will have no effect on the taste of these shisha blends.

This mix of old and new trends creates a unique and powerful shisha smoking experience, with full flavor and massive clouds. Nirvana Shisha is prepared just like regular shisha; no additional preparation is needed, though Nirvana is very buzzy and recommended for more experienced shisha smokers. Keep this in mind when placing Nirvana on your menu.

Nirvana Shisha is available at our amazing wholesale prices in 1000g resealable pouches.

Do you want to Nirvana strength hookah buzz to your other shisha?

Nirvana recently released some of their flavored Dokha blends as an additive to any shisha tobacco like Starbuzz, Al Fahker, and many more.
Check out our Nirvana Shisha Booster section to see what you're missing out on, and see it in action.

Nirvana Super Shisha Flavor Descriptions:

Citrus OD - Tart and tangy citrus berry flavor
Head Rush - Cranberry, pineapple, Vanilla Cola and Mango
Optimus Lime - Lemon-lime w/ sour apple
Punish Mint - Intense mixed mint flavor
Schnozzberries - Citrus mint, blueberry and sweet lemon
Sex Monkey - Melon, blueberry, jasmine and mint
Skull Control - Peach, lemon and mint
Spirit Mind Soul - Cantaloupe, honey dew and peach
Telephone Milk - Vanilla and cream
WTF Alice - Jasmine, rose, cinnamon and coriander
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