Oduman Gusto 35 Hookah

Oduman Gusto 35

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Oduman Gusto 35 Hookah

The Oduman Gusto 35 is a more traditional style offering from Oduman.Standing 15" tall this is still a wonderful table top hookah. You'll get their signature heavy glass base this time with a stainless steel shaft, hub, and ports.

Oduman Quality

Oduman hookahs are manufactured in Turkey using very high quality, heavy glass. Think of heavy duty glassware that you might find in your kitchen. These are perfect for those that keep meticulously clean hookahs as the clear glass will allow you to make sure no spots are missed. The stainless steel parts will prevent rust or corrosion from becoming an issue. Each hookah goes through a rigorous quality assurance process before leaving their warehouse. The first thing you'll notice when you pull this hookah out of the packing is how solid it is. Thick glass and precise, stainless steel ports and connections insure an easy and quality smoke.

Oduman Gusto 35 Features

Like all Oduman hookahs, you're getting a heavy duty, thick glass base. The downstem, hub, and shaft on the Gusto 35 are all made out of stainless steel and the downstem also features a diffuser for when you need to keep things quiet. The include hose is washable and made out of medical grade silicone. On one end you'll have a stainless steel handle and on the other a spring mechanism to keep the hose from kinking or restricting airflow as it is passed from person to person.

Height: 15 inches
Hose: 72" long; Silicone
Bowl: Not Included
Vase Colors: Clear

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