Prestige Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Prestige Coconut Coals - All Sizes and Cases
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Prestige Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Prestige coconut charcoal is back with a better formula, new packaging and wide range of options fit your needs in both a retail and hookah lounge environment. These will burn clean and long and come in both jumbo flats and cube size options. With multiple box sizes available, there's a perfect option for whatever your needs are.

New Prestige Coal Shapes and Sizes

Prestige comes in 2 shapes, cubes and "jumbo flats." The Prestige cubes measure 25mm per side and designed for the smoker who wants long lasting heat. This is the "1 and Done" hookah smoker, who likes to load a bowl and smoke for about an hour or more and be done, without having to reload coals at the 45 minute mark. Also a great choice for hookah lounges who want to reduce bowl maintenance with their customers and they work as a perfect time gauge to turn over your tables when the lounge is busy and you need the open tables.

Then the world changed with "jumbo flats." This variety measures 25mm per side, but only 18mm high. This gives you a perfect heat level, but if you plan to smoke for 1.5- 2 hours, it's better work 2 or 3 rounds of the jumbo flats.

Prestige Charcoal Box Sizes

Whether you are selling Prestige coals by the box, or smoking with them in your hookah bar by the 10 kilogram boxes, there are plenty of size options for you get the best bang for your buck.  Lounges can get some major savings by purchasing wholesale Prestige coals in their bulk 10 kg boxes in either cubes or jumbo cubes.  You don't pay for all the extra packaging, making it the best economical choice.

Retailers can easily sell the 36 or 48pc boxes for quick retail sales, but the true hookah pros will be looking to buy the 72 or 96 pc boxes or even the 3kg box to get the best overall value.

Prestige Cubes come in the following box sizes:
  • 36 pc Half Kilogram of Cubes
  • 72 pc Kilogram of Cubes
  • 720 pc 10 Kilograms of Cubes
Prestige Jumbo Flats come in the following box sizes:
  • 48 pc Half Kilogram of Jumbo Flats
  • 96 pc Kilogram of Jumbo Flats
  • 960 pc 10 Kilograms of Jumbo Flats

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