250g Pouches of Azure Shisha

Azure Shisha 250g Pouch

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Azure Shisha Tobacco 250g Gold Line Pouches

The Gold Line offered up by Azure is a classic lighter colored shisha. This is handcrafted in America and made useing premium quality gold-leaf tobacco. Expect robust takes on many standard and unique flavors in this line.

Azure Shisha Tobacco 250g Black Line Pouches

For those wanting more of a kick, Azure's Black Line of shisha is going to be the way to go. The Black Line is made in small batches here in American out of a dark leaf tobacco that provides a higher nicotine content and a hefty buzz. Expect a strong but very smooth exhale.

Azure Gold Line Shisha Flavor Descriptions:

Barista's Choice - A roasted coffee blend.
Berry Mania - Azure's twist on a classic berry mixture.
Blueberry Muffin - A delicious take on a classic.
Boomerang - A faithful red gummy bear creation.
Cairo Crypt Tonight - Cherry with a hint of ice mint.
California Blue - Azure's twist on the blue berry flavor.
Carolina Peach - Delicious peach blend.
Chai Masala - Chai latte.
Cinnamon Cookies - Fresh out of the oven, you'll love this cinnamon and cookie blend.
Cosmos - Grapefruit and raspberry blend.
Dubai Apple - Double apple.
Grapemania - Sweet grape mix with a hint of mint.
Grow a Pear - Bold pear flavor.
Lemon Muffin - A fantastic blend of Citrus/Lemon and Azure's wonderful Muffin mix.
Lychee - Just like the delicious lychee fruit.
Mango Cheesecake - A savory cheesecake flavor with mango.
Melon King - Sweet melon with a hint of mint.
Moscow Never Sleeps - Sweet fruit with a touch of mint.
Royal Mango - 
Royal Queen - Black tea with citrus.
Sweet Summer Sun - Milky citrus base evolving with the seasons.
Tomahawk - Cool citrus blend
Tropical Paradise -  A mixture of tropical fruit flavors.
Unicorn -
Viva La Horchata - Just like the sweet and savory cinnamon and rice milk mix.
Winter Orange - Orange and ice mint.
Winter Peach - Sweet peach with an icy mint finish.
Winter Rose - Floral with a nice cool mint finish.

Azure Black Line Flavor Descriptions:

Bengal Citrus -
Bermuda Mint - Azure's strongest mint blend.
Cactus Blast - Mango + pineapple soda mix.
Cairo Crypt Tonight - Cherry with ice mint.
California Blue - Azure's unique twist on blueberry.
Chai Masala - Chai latte
Cinnamon Cookies - Better than anything your mom makes.
Cosmos - We're waiting to try this one.
Dubai Apple - Azure's yummy take on the classic Double Apple flavor.
Grapemania - Sweet grape with a subtle hint of mint.
Grow A Pear - Lightly spiced pear.
Lemon Muffin - delicious lemon and savory muffin blend.
Mango Cheesecake - Savory cheesecake with a nice mango finish.
Melon King - Sweet and smooth melon with a dash of mint.
Moroccan Tea - Lemon mint with a hint of honey.
Royal Citrus - Lemon and orange mix.
San Diego Sunset - We're waiting to try this one.
Strawberry Guava - Strawberry candy mixed with guava.
Sweet Summer Sun - Milky citrus base that changes with each season.
Ultra Violet -
Unicorn - A mix of  melons and spearmint
Viva La Horchata - Just like the delicious cinnamon and rice milk mix.

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