Mya QT Gold Hookah

Gold Mya QT Hookah
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Mya QT Gold Hookah

The Mya Sarah QT Hookah is one of their best selling and most widely recognizable hookahs of all time and now it's available with a gold finish! This is the same classic QT with a stainless steel stem but now it's got a sophisticated gold finish. These hookahs are highly regarded for their wide base which makes them very stable table top hookahs and they also come with a cool steel cage for easy transport.

Mya QT Design and Features

The QT is 14" tall which immediately puts it in the "table top" hookah category. This means it's perfect on your work or study desk, perfect on your coffee table while you're chilling with a movie etc. The base is wide-bottomed and made out of thick glass and the shaft is stainless steel with a gold finish. The stainless steel will help prevent rust and corrosion and ensure that your QT lasts for years. One of the things customers love most about the QT is that is comes with a steel carrying cage. This makes the QT a perfect candidate for use on picnics, camping trips, or simply heading to a friend's house to party.

Mya QT Gold Specs:

Height: 14"
Shaft: Stainless steel w/ gold finish
Base: Wide-bottomed glass
Bowl: Mya ceramic
Hose: Mya wood handled
Case: Steel carrying cage
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