Khalil Mamoon - Gold Star Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Gold Star
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Khalil Mamoon Gold Star Hookah

The 28" tallKhalil Mamoon Gold Star hookah is a beautiful, handmade, traditional Egyptian style hookah that features a gold shaft and tray with unique etchings. It comes with a 72 in black KM hose, Egyptian style bowl, and all required grommets. This hookah is a Khalil Mamoon retail rockstar! The price point makes it irresistible to retail consumers who want a solid KM at a great price. We also see these uses by hookah catering companies because they are rock solid and compact, making them that much better for travel.

Built Stainless Steel Tough

Made of stainless-steel, this hookah is built to last. All components are highly durable and easy to clean so that you never have to worry about flavor ghosting. The downstem is a medium gauge making this more of a classic and restrictive smoke. Add on a diffuser for a more modern draw. These are perfect for a standard lounge hookah and go great on a higher shelf at your smoke shop.

Gold Star Specs:

Height: 28"
Shaft: Stainless steel with dark and gold finish.
Base: KM gold striped
Bowl: Egyptian clay
Hose: KM wood handle hose

Khalil Mamoon manufactures each of their high quality hookahs by hand, meaning no 2 KM Gold Star hookah will look exactly the same in regards to the etchings, welding, the finish, etc.,
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