Amira Kaskade Hookah

Amira Kaskade Hookah
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Amira Kaskade Hookah

The Amira Kaskade has a colored hookah stem and matching washable hose, with a modern yet minimalist design that gives it a very broad appeal. The spherical base has marbled color swirl designs that are eye catching but still allow for the ability to see the smoke and water level. The trays are on these hookahs are also stainless steel and matching color.

Amira Kaskade Design

The shaft of the Kaskade is stainless steel with a glossy but smooth matte finish and features intricate bladed cuts just above the hub and below the coal tray. This hookah shaft utilizes their favored twist-to-lock technology so you will not have to worry about messing with a base grommet to get an air-tight seal. This comes with a matching bowl and matching washable hose.

Amira Kaskade Specs:

Height: 23 inches
Stem: Stainless steel.
Hose: Washable hookah hose
Bowl: Phunnel bowl
Vase Colors: Black, Blue, Red.

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