March 21st Auction and Fire Sale

 March 21st Auction and Fire Sale
DUD Mothership Glass HookahPharaohs Dune with Clear BaseBlue Pharaohs GriffinRed Pharaohs Oasis HookahBlack Brass Starbuzz Carbine HookahPharaohs Khufu Smoke Glass BaseKM Black Shareef HookahKM Gold Antar Ice HookahFurat Egyptian HookahsKM 1001 Nights Ice hookahWhite Pharaohs Cleo HookahPharaohs Nefertiti Hookah Mya Saray Thunder II HookahMya Saray Staff HookahPharaohs Glass V12 HookahPharoahs Hex HookahPharaohs Maximus Hookah
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March 21st Will Be Our Biggest Auction Ever!

Check out the Highlights from our September Auction

Join our Live Stream Online Auction and Fire Sale

This has never been done before in our industry, except the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time we did it in June, September and November. We never dreamed it would be such a big hit. We are locked and loaded with hundreds of hookahs and accessories that we are going to auction off and unload at "fire sale" prices of 40-80% off.

We have 2 pallets of hookahs from our recent trade shows that we would rather auction off than spend the time sorting and restocking! Some of these items are new in the box and pristine like the Starbuzz Carbine, other hookahs are completely new and built from hookah parts, other products are fully functional, quality items that have been discontinued, or we found lost cases of product in the warehouse we didn't even know we had!

YOU GET $20 CREDIT* to use in the auction, just for showing up!

How to get a seat and join in the fun

We will live stream the auction via Facebook live, YouTube live or maybe even both...if we can figure that out. Like our Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube channel so that you are able to comment on the live stream to submit your bids and confirm your purchases.

You need a valid Hookah Wholesalers account to participate, so please set up your account now if you have not. Otherwise, we can try to set you up during the auction if you have your Tax ID number and a business address.

How will it all work?

We are going to run through as many lots of items as we can in our hour. Some of the items will be auctioned off in the traditional manner, with bids accepted via our live stream comments. Other items will be sold in bundles of 5-50 units at a flat rate.

When you win an auction or chat in to purchase a bulk lot of hookahs, we will open an invoice for you. When the auction ends, we will confirm the invoice and collect payment for the order of all the items purchased at the auction.

Many auction items are custom hookahs, and may take a few extra days to build, check and ship, depending on which items and what quantity are purchased.

Rules of the Auction

  • You must be a hookah business and have a valid Hookah Wholesalers Account.
  • All bids are binding, do not bid if you do not want to buy.
  • All sales are final.
  • These items are sold as is.
  • Any damage in shipping will be credited at the auction price.
  • *$20 credit will be applied to auction purchasers with an invoice total over $200

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