Pharaohs Dune Hookah

Pharaohs Dune Hookah
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Pharaoh's Dune Hookah

Pharaoh's went prospecting for gold and came out of the shop with these awesome new hookahs. The Dune is a perfect combo of modern and traditional. A jet black shaft is accented by a beautiful gold hub and tray. All components are stainless steel and built to last. You can clean the parts without worry of rust or corrosion. The Dune shaft sits atop a Pharaoh's Oasis base and is topped off with one of their high quality clay bowls. Included hose is 72 inches long and washable.

Dune Design

The Dune is an ideal lounge hookah for multiple reasons. The elegant design screams sophistication and class, and you want people to know that you know what you're doing when they step into your establishment. The included base also features a wide bottom which is always a bonus for a large hookah. This means added stability. The shaft and components are of course made out of stainless steel too, so cleaning is a breeze.

Pharaohs Dune Specs:

Height: 30"
Shaft: Stainless steel with gold and matte finish
Base: Pharaohs wide bottom glass
Bowl: Unglazed
Hose: Mod style
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