Mini Zoba Beast Electroplated Shika Hookah

Shika Mini Zoba Beast Electro - 1 Hose Hookah
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Shika Mini Zoba Beast Electro Hookah

The 24" tall Mini Zoba Beast is part of Shika's electro family. What's the electro family? Shika's electro hookahs have gone through an electroplating process. I'm no scientist so I have no clue how it works, but once it's done, the brass has an exterior layer that's glossy, yet matte, and it even repels water.

Shika Quality and Features

Shika is known for their heavy brass stems. These are some of the most heavy and solid hookahs you'll ever come across. Stability will never be an issue. The included, matching base is a electro baked jumbo glass base that gives it a more unique look than many of the traditional Egyptian hookahs with classic bell shapes. 3 color options are available and shafts/bases/trays match for each option. Bases also feature nice accent gold bands. Now the really unique thing about this Shika is the down stem. Take a look, it's copper and a bit wider than what you'd typically find on a hookah this size making for a smooth flow.

Mini Zoba Specs:

Height: 24 inches
Base: Jumbo, available in Black, Blue, Red
Shaft: Heavy brass with electro finish.
Hose: Shika

**We recommend cleaning exteriors with a cool water rinse. Using abrasive materials or tarnish removers could ruin the paint job.**

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