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Shika Zizo - 1 Hose Hookah
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Shika Zizo Hookah

The 26.5" tall Shika Zizo is just dripping with gold and elegance. The Zizo is between medium to large in height, but has a full size jumbo Skika base for an overall impressive visual appeal. The intricate designs and etching on this hookah are all done by hand by talented Egyptian artisans. This is truly a show piece for any serious hookah lounge or premium hookah retailer.

Shika Hookah Components

Shika is known for making very high quality, heavy brass stems. The Zizo is no exception. This hookah has a solid cast stem with ornate designs carved directly into the shaft. Even the tray is adorned with fine decorative etchings, so you know this is the real deal. The interior stem and down-stem are copper, a unique upgrade for these premium Egyptian hookahs.

Shika hookahs also include a clay Shika Oblivion phunnel bowl. The bowl traps the shisha juice and flavoring in the bowl so you get a longer lasting, better tasting session and you hookah's interior and base water is cleaner since the juice isn't running down the stem.

Top this hookah off with a traditional large handle style Egyptian hose. The hose if fully washable and if kept clean can almost eliminate any flavor ghosting from one bowl to the next.

Shika Zizo Specs:

Height: 26.5 inches
Base: Shika with gold stripes.
Shaft: Heavy brass with etched designs
Hose: Shika Typhoon
Bowl: Oblivion Phunnel bowl

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