Iowaska Shika Hookah

Shika Iowaska- 1 Hose Hookah
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Shika Iowaska Hookah

A 33" hand-etched marvel rarely seen in the hookah world these days, the Iowaska is a beautiful brass hookah. This hookah looks like it belongs to the most royal of owners and would make a best of the best premium hookah in your lounge or shop. In layman's terms, your customers are going to be tripping from the glimmer of this Iowaska.

Shika Iowaska Features

Outside of all of the beautiful brass, the first thing you'll notice on the Iowaska is the extreme attention to detail. Many hookahs have an etching or painted-on design here or there but rarely will you see one that has the entire shaft and tray etched by hand. This makes each hookah unique and showcases the skill that it takes to produce a hookah like this. Included with the hookah are a thick jumbo style glass base with gold stripes, a Shika washable hose, an Oblivion Phunnel bowl, and a nice pair of Shika tongs.

Stainless Short Specs:

Height: 33"
Base: Clear, gold striped Jumbo style base
Shaft: High quality, heavy brass; hand-etched
Hose: Shika washable
Tray: Hand-etched brass
Bowl: Oblivion Phunnel

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