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Shika Hodor - 1 Hose Hookah
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Shika Hodor Hookah

The Shika Hodor is so sexy that you'll be pleased to hold the door for it on any occasion. The Hodor sneaks into the tall hookah category at a hearty 27" in height making it perfect for any lounge or upscale hookah event. The darker finish of this brass adds a level of elegance to it that many other hookahs in it's class don't have.

Shika Hodor Features

It may not be the largest of the Shika hookah line but it's certainly one of the best lookers. The Hodor features a heavy brass shaft that is hand etched with beautiful designs from top to bottom. It's fitted with a wide copper down stem to help you draw effortlessly and sit high up in the thunder clouds zone. The Hodor will come with an etched brass Shika tray, thick glass Shika base, Shika tongs, washable Shika hose, and Oblivion Phunnel bowl.

Hodor Specs:

Height: 27"
Base: Clear, gold striped designs, Jumbo style base
Shaft: High quality, heavy brass; hand-etched
Hose: Shika washable
Tray: Hand-etched brass
Bowl: Oblivion Phunnel

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