Shika Phunnel Sandstorm Bowls

Shika Sandstorm Phunnel Bowls

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Shika Sandstorm Phunnel Bowls

Shika hookahs are setting a new standard for high quality Egyptian hookahs and accessories. The new Sandstorm Phunnel bowls are no exception. These bowls are large, unglazed clay bowls with a phunnel design. Each bowl has a circular trough to hold the shisha tobacco, which captures the flavoring and glycerin that can liquefy when the temperature rises. This keeps the flavor on your shisha and you get longer lasting flavor and bigger clouds with each session. The design also keeps your hookah clean and your base water from getting stained because the phunnel design traps the juices before they drain down your hookah stem.

Why no glaze?

The Shika Sandstorm bowl is unglazed Egyptian clay. This means that the bowl will absorb the juice from your shisha and over time will become "seasoned," just like your grandma's cast iron skillet. Traditional smokers like to dedicate bowls like this 1 flavor like Double Apple or Mint. The theory goes that over time, the bowl will get a nice base flavor that sets the stage for the perfect Mint or Double Apple session every time. If you want to go to the next level, dedicating a whole hookah, hose and bowl to a single flavor is the way to go. It may seem extreme, but it is very common in the Middle East.

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