Mya QT Hookah

Mya QT Hookah

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Mya QT Hookah Description

Height: 14 inches

Hose: Mya Hookah Hose

Bowl: Mya Ceramic bowl

Base Options: Amber, Dark Blue, Green, Olive, Pink, Purple, Sky Blue QT Glass


The Mya Saray QT hookah is perhaps the best selling and most widely recognized hookah in the world. Why is this hookah so highly regarded? That's a great question! Here are a few amazing features and attributes that have helped this hookah earn a special place in so many smokers' hearts.

Stability - This hookah is relatively short, but has a round and wide footprint. This makes the hookah almost impossible to pull over. Your customers don't have to worry about spilling red hot coals or knocking down the hookah, and just enjoy their favorite shisha flavors.

Carrying Cage - The Mya QT comes with a steel cage that holds the whole hookah. Its extremely convenient to store the hookah, hoses, and you can even squeeze in a box of shisha and roll of coals...with a little practice! This cage also be used while smoking the hookah. Just put the fully loaded smoking hookah in the cage and hand the handle from a hook like a lantern. (That can also be a great way to set them up and serve them in bars with limited space.)

Quality - The QT is made by Mya Saray, well known for producing the best made hookahs on the market. The construction, welds, fit and finish are all virtually impeccable. The quality of the materials will make these hookahs last for a long time. You can save a little money by opting for the Econo QT, but the original QT gives you more than you paid for and will deliver for years to come!

Selling points:

-Simple shaft compliments the fantastic figure of the base.

-Very stable hookah because of wide bottom.

-Includes steel carrying basket for easy portability and storage.

-Compact size but still comes with a five foot long Mya hose.
-One of the most popular hookah models of all time because of value, size, portability and smokability.
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