Amira Kirin Hookah

Amira Kirin Hookah
Coffee Colored Amira Kirin HookahAmira Kirin - Rose GoldAmira Kirin - BlackAmira Kirin - ShaftAmira Kirin - HubAmira Kirin - BowlAmira Kirin - BaseAmira Kirin - Hose
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Amira Kirin Wood-Stem Hookah

Ah yes, another beautiful addition to Amira's innovative tradition of high quality pipes with a vintage-modern wood grain finish. The Kirin stands 23" tall making it absolutely perfect for any use, though lounge owners will love this one due to the super wide-bottomed glass base for the guaranteed stability.

Kiran Hookah Components

The shaft features a beautiful wood finish with accented wood grain that adds a new level of style and elegance. The glass hookah base, hub, and tray come in the coffee or black matte metallic color options. We love the shaft and base combo because the shaft threads into the base. You'll not need to worry about a base grommet and cleaning and rebuilding this hookah will be virtually fool-proof! This will all be accompanied by a clay Egyptian style bowl and a matching washable hose.

Height: 23 inches
Stem: Stainless steel.
Hose: Washable hookah hose
Bowl: Phunnel bowl
Vase Colors: Coffee, Black

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