Amira Aura Hookah

Amira Aura Hookah
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Amira Aura Hookah

The Amira Aura is a 17 1/2" tall futuristic piece that is, shall we say, out of this world? The bottom of the base sure resembles the ribbed design you might see on a flying saucer in a classic sci-fi movie. My favorite thing about this piece is the deep coloring in the base; that clear neck that fade finishes into a beautiful bold color of your choice.

Amira Aura Design

The shaft, hub, and tray are all made of stainless steel and feature a beautiful matte colored finish. The bases are made of thick glass that is built to last and morphs from a standard neck down into saucer-like orbs at the bottom. The Aura is accompanied with a matching Vortex style bowl and a washable hose that features a nice ribbed handle for a comfortable grip.

Amira Aura Specs:

Height: 17 1/2 inches
Stem: Stainless steel with matte finish.
Hose: Washable hose
Bowl: Ceramic
Vase Colors: Black, Blue, Red

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