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Khalil Mamoon Lebnani (1 hose) Hookah

What's 44" tall, gold all over, and is going to make jaws drop everywhere it goes? The 3 1/2 Ft tall KM Lebnani! Constructed of premium quality stainless steel with a smooth and shiny gold finish, the Lebnani isn't only meant to turn heads, it's built to be the biggest work horse available in your lounge or shop. Charge a premium for this in your lounge or watch a happy customer proudly carry this out of your smoke shop while the money rolls right in.

The Lebnani Smoking Experience

Khalil Mamoon is widely known and respected for producing quality hookahs that provide users with a highly enjoyable smoking experience. Part of this experience comes from a medium gauge downstem that is found in almost all Khalil Mamoon hookahs. This downstem is used specifically for the traditional smoking experience it creates; some may find this to include a slightly restricted airflow, which can be easily countered by applying a diffuser to the end of the downstem.

Lebnani Downstem Quality

The medium gauge downstem used in this Lebnani hookah is, like much of the hookah, made of stainless-steel. The stainless-steel downstem is just as durable, and rust/corrosion resistant, as the metal used for the exterior of hookahs. Additionally, stainless-steel does not retain powerful flavor profiles well. So if you run a hookah lounge and you need a quick turnaround for your hookahs, the cleaning time for the Lebnani is extremely fast! One quick rinse and it's good to go!

KM Lebnani Hookah Specs

Height: 44"
Shaft: Stainless steel with gold finish
Bowl; Egyptian clay
Base: KM Gold Striped glass base
Hose: KM
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