Deezer Statics Hookah

Deezer Static Stainless Hookah
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Deezer Statics Hookah

Sibling of the Deezer Dynamic Stainless hookah, the Statics Stainless is 27 1/2" of high quality glass and pure stainless steel. The base features a super wide bottom for added stability, as if you even need it with the weight of the shaft. The Statics Stainless weighs in at almost 12 lbs all together so it could double as a dumbbell if you're looking to get swolt in between smoke sessions. Included are one washable silicone hose and a classic, unglazed Egyptian style bowl.

The Statics also comes with a adapters to convert this into a multi-hose hookah (extra hoses must be purchased separately). If you want three matching hoses, we'd recommend adding on 3 Ripper Hoses listed just below the hookah.

Deezer Statics Stainless Hookah Specs:

Height:27 1/2"
Shaft: Stainless Steel
Hose: Washable Silicone
Bowl:Unglazed Egyptian
Vase Colors: Clear

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