Deezer Bearcat Hookah

Deezer Bearcat Hookah

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Deezer Bearcat Hookah 

The Deezer Bearcat hits like a bear and purrs like a kitty cat because of its unique design and combination of cutting edge materials. The Bearcat comes in a beautiful royal blue color as well as a classic black.  Retailers will love these hookahs because of their very affordable pricing and modern design that will catch the eye of any casual hookah shopper. Imagine your shelves with these lined up in a row just waiting maul your customers wallets and lovingly bring the cash to your register.

Bearcat Unique Design Features

The shaft is made of stainless steel and aluminum and features a cool bulb design under a high quality matte finish.  The down stem has a slotted diffuser tip at the bottom to create better filtration and a smoother smoke sesh. It comes with a color matching washable silicone hose so you keep your hose clean and flavors fresh to avoid unwanted flavor ghosting from one bowl to the next. The ceramic bowl has a wide top, making compatible with many HMD's (heat management devices) so you can upgrade this Bearcat hookah to a primeval smoking beast!  This hookah is ready to smoke right out of the box. The Bearcat will be perfect as an entry level hookah to feature in your shop but it comes with features found on most of the top of line hookahs!

Bearcat Hookah Specs:

Height: 15 inches
Hose: Washable, silicone
Bowl: Ceramic
Vase Colors: Blue, Black

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