Kaloud Lotus II Hookah Heat Management System

Kaloud Lotus II Hookah Heat Management System

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Kaloud Lotus II Heat Management Device

Welcome to Thunderdome! Kaloud has created the most worthy successor to it's original innovative Heat Management Device, the Lotus. The Kaloud Lotus II has been designed over the last few years using the highest quality materials available and manufacturing technology typically only seen in the aerospace and medical industries. 

**Does not include the Samsaris Vitria hookah bowl**

The Kaloud Lotus II prevents a significant amount of ash, ultra-fine particles, and volatile gasses from passing through from the charcoal into the clouds a hookah user inhales, making the clouds smoother, cleaner, and tastier. It also has the added benefit of extending the life of a session, so you and your friends can spend more time bonding and less time fussing with changing heads and managing charcoal.

This product is great for hookah lounges because it is self sustained and requires little coal rotation. Simply place the coals in the Kaloud Lotus and in minutes your patrons are smoking away for hours without you having to constantly come over and re-add coals.

Recommended Hookah Bowls to Fit the Kaloud Lotus II

The Kaloud Lotus II works well with a variety of hookah bowls, but Kaloud has developed a bowl designed specifically with the Lotus - the Kaloud Samsaris Vitria hookah bowl. This bowl features a combination of heavy duty glass and durable silicone to make a nearly indestructible bowl that provides superior smoke sessions!

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