Syria Shika Gold Hookah

Shika Syria Gold - 1 Hose Hookah
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Shika Syria Gold Hookah

The Shika Syria is a 24" tall "mini" hookah. You'll notice right away that the design is more of a throw back to traditional Syrian style hookah pipes however, incorporated into that are the modern shika upgrades. You'll find heavy brass material, meticulous hand etchings, and a copper down stem that sits inside the jumbo style base. The Syria is also available in a classy tri-color Oxidized version!

Syria Gold Design and Features

The Syria shaft is made of a heavy brass like most Shika hookahs and features beautiful gold finished accents with hand etched designs. The tray is also made out of a heavy duty brass so that it can withstand the heat of any charcoal you drop on it. The down stem is forged out of copper which is easy to clean and helps prevent any sort of flavor ghosting taking place after a session with a strong flavor.

Shika hookahs also include a clay Shika Oblivion phunnel bowl.  The bowl traps the shisha juice and flavoring in the bowl so you get a longer lasting, better tasting session and you hookah's interior and base water is cleaner since the juice isn't running down the stem.Top this hookah off with a traditional large handle style Egyptian hose.  The hose if fully washable and if kept clean can almost eliminate any flavor ghosting from one bowl to the next.

Shika Syria Gold Specs:

Height: 24 inches
Base: Shika Jumbo style with Gold stripes
Shaft: Heavy brass with etched designs, Oxidized option available
Hose: Shika Typhoon
Bowl: Oblivion Phunnel bowl

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