Khalil Mamoon - Shabah Silk Short Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Shabah Silk Short 1-Hose Hookah
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Khalil Mamoon Shabah Silk Short Hookah

The clouds are going to float like a butterfly from the Shabah Silk hookah! This beautiful 28" tallbeauty is a classic member of the Khalil Mamoon family, and gets its "Silk" name from the silk butterfly style coal tray. The Shabah Silk is made of stainless-steel, and its shaft has copper and gold wash sections that feature hand-etched designs. This hookah will come included with a glass base, a 72" hookah hose, and a clay Egyptian hookah hose.

The coal tray has a band of gold around its circumference with gorgeous designs all around it. Not only does this whole hookah look amazing, it's a good long-term investment as well! Stainless-steel is highly durable because it never rusts or corrodes. Treat it well, and the Shabah Silk will last many years! The downstem, also made from stainless-steel, is great because it will never retain strong shisha flavor profiles; rinse it out with water and the Shabah Silk will be good to go!

Shabah Silk Short Specs:

Height: 28"
Shaft: Stainless steel w/ gold and copper accents
Base: KM silver-striped
Bowl: Egyptian clay
Hose: KM signature hose

Please note that each Khalil Mamoon hookah is made by hand, and not mass produced by machines. This means there will be differences in exact details, etchings, welding spots, finish, etc., with every hookah. But you can still expect a quality smoke session every time with the Shabah Silk hookah!
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