Arjay Single Pear Hookah

Arjay Single Pear Hookah

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Egyptian Single Pear Hookah

A classic Egyptian style hookah at a fraction of the price. This Egyptian Single Pear style hookah features the stainless steel shaft, ornamental colored pear, glass base, and handmade Egyptian clay bowl. These are perfect for lounge and catering use and especially at this price! If you're really looking to bulk up on these, let us know and we can discuss even further discounting.

**Color varies from hookah to hookah, this is a grab-bag style item and what you get is what you get. We're not able to take orders for specific colors.**

Add a Hookah Hose to this Hookah

This is just the shaft, base, bowl and tray which means you get the chance to trick these out with whatever hose you'd like right away. Might we make a recommendation?

For a modern and washable option, I'd highly recommend the Ripper silicone hose.
Ripper Hose

If a clay bowl is not your thing, we carry a very wide variety so you can find just about anything that suits your taste and the vibe you're trying to achieve. Check out available hookah bowls here.

**These are limited edition and available only until we run out. Act fast!**

Egyptian Single Pear Hookah Stats:

Height: 32"
Base: Assorted colors
Bowl: Egyptian clay bowl
Shaft: Stainless steel, assorted colors for decorative bulb

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