CBD Hydro Shisha 500g Carton

Hydro Herbal CBD 500g Carton
Hydro Herbal CBD Shisha BoxesHydro CBD Herbal Shisha Hydro PurpleHydro Herbal CBD Green Ice ShishaCBD Hyroponics Peach Hydro Shisha
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Hydro Herbal Shisha - CBD Infused

We've been getting requests for CBD shisha non-stop for the last year and we're so excited to finally announce the full-spectrum CBD infused Hydro Herbal line. What you'll find here is the same classic and high quality Hydro Herbal shisha (tobacco and nicotine free) but this time infused with full spectrum CBD oil. Your customers will skip the nicotine buzz for a relaxing and flavorful CBD experience. We've gotten our first shipment but more flavors will be added as they become available.

Why purchase Hydro Herbal CBD shisha?

In case you haven't noticed, CBD oil is all the rage lately. Many people use it for relaxation so what better than to be one of the first to offer it up in your lounge or smoke shop? Over the years tobacco companies have tried hard to make shisha with a super heavy buzz, now it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy a nice soothing session of CBD infused Hydro Herbal.

Avoid Tobacco Taxes with Hydro Herbal CBD Shisha

There are a few more great benefits to selling CBD infused Hydro Herbal shisha. This product is exempt from tobacco taxes in almost all states. Now you can offer a tobacco free hookah alternative, but the extra CBD gives this shisha a relaxing effect that is a total game changer in the world of herbal hookah. When you compare Hydro CBD to the price of shisha including tobacco taxes, the savings can be huge, especially in states with high taxes.

Smoking bans or city and state tobacco laws may also not apply. Check with the details of any local ordinances in regards to smoking and tobacco regulations. However, you might find out that tobacco is specifically banned, but tobacco free shisha, such as Hydro, is still allowed.

Available Flavors:

Green Ice - Mint
Hydroponics - Peach
Hydropurple - Grape
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